Super-Sized Chilli Plants
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With a series of disappointing summers, its not always easy to grow chillies in the UK. So why not make your life easier by letting us start them off for you. World of Chillies chilli plants have been started super-early. They will be dispatched in monster sized, and we mean MONSTER SIZED coir plugs, which are 50mm wide and 60mm deep, equivalent to a 6cm pot. Available mid April.

All remaining pot ready plants now on 1/2 price sale.
Includes Chef's varieties, Werid & Wonderful and Ornamental varieties, collections and Pick Your Own.
(excludes giant 1lt pot plants).

Record Breakers Plant Trio 1
Guinness Book of Records
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Three Pot Ready Plants, featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the World's Hottest Chilli.

1 x Carolina Reaper
1 x Butch T Scorpion
1 x Bhut Jolokia
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Pick Your Own Chilli Plants
Individual Plugs &Plants
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Select from 36 different varieties of Chilli Plug Plants. Extreme Chillies, World's Hottest & Chefs

Everything from the mildest to the wildest Chilli Plugs available. Check them out!
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Record Breakers Plant Trio 2
Chilli Pepper Institute
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Three Pot Ready Plants, the consistently hottest chillies found by the Chilli Pepper Institute Trials.

1 x Moruga Scorpion
1 x Chocolate Douglah
1 x Red Seven Pot
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World's Hottest Chillies Trio 1
Three Hot World Favourites
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Three Pot Ready Plants, some of the World's favourite chillies at the hotter end of the scale. Grown as much for flavour as heat.

1 x Scotch Bonnet
1 x Orange Habanero
1 x Fatalii
Chefs' Chilli Plants Trio 1
Chef's Favourite Chillies
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Three Pot Ready Plants, favourites of chefs around the world. High yielding and easy to grow. Perfect for your kitchen.

1 x Jalapeño
1 x Cayenne
1 x Thai Demon
World's Hottest Chillies Trio 1
Lesser Known Hot Chillies
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Three Pot Ready Plants, all distinctively flavoured and pack quite a punch. Three ununual plants.

1 x Chocolate Habanero
1 x Jamaican Hot
1 x Paper Lantern
Want even bigger chilli plants that are about to bud and flower? Then visit the Giant Chilli Plants page
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Chef's Chilli Plants Trio 2
Lesser Known Faves
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Three Pot Ready Plants, lesser known favourites of world chefs, all distinctive but versatile flavours.

1 x Seranno
1 x Pequin
1 x Pusa Jwala
Giant 1 lt Pot Plants
Point of Bud
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Variety of plants in 1lt pots, flowering or at point of bud. Extreme heat plants & chefs.

Last chance for the extreme chilli plants for 2014. Plus ornamentals.
Weird & Wonderful Trio 1
Weird Chillies
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Three Pot Ready Plants, some of the world's strangest fruits, these will give you a good crop.

1 x Pimento de Padron
1 x Chinese Space Pod
1 x Brazilian Starfish
These plants will be around 12cm in height, ready to be potted on into the final pots and grown on a sunny windowsill or greenhouse. World of Chillies plants are extremely healthy, strong, bushy plants that will give you the best possible chance of a super crop of hot pods. So, whatever the weather, you can rely on World of Chillies to make sure you can look forward to a BUMPER harvest!
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All sizes are approximate. Please note that annuum varieties tend to be more leggy whilst chinese varieties more stocky.

All remaining Pot Ready Plants.

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Chef's, Weird & Wonderful & Ornamental. All fruit in around 60 days. Includes
Chef's Collection 1 (Jalapeño, Thai Demon, Cayenne)
Chef's Collection 2 (Serrano, Pusa Jwala, Pequin)
Weird & Wonderful Collection (Pimiento de Padron, Brazilian Starfish, Chinese Space Pod)
Pick your Own Chefs Plants and Pick your Own Weird & Wonderful Plants, including chillies from the above collections as well as Aji Lemon, Rocoto Roja, Bolivian Rainbow, Takanotsume, Jamaican Hot.
End of Season Sale. Chef's Varieties, all around 60 days to fruit. 1/2 Price Sale!