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Super-Size Chilli Plants

World of Chillies is famed for its super big, super healthy chilli plugs and plants. We really pride ourselves on the quality we supply and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better looking plant this side of the equator. It's easy to grow chillies, especially when we started them off super early for you.

So whatever the summer, you can look forward to a bumper harvest of hot delicious pods. PLEASE NOTE: Plants & plugs can only be sent to U.K. addresses.

Now we’re talking BIG
Click here for Chilli Plug Plants.
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Record Breakers Plant Trio 1 £12.95

Guinness Book of Records®
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Three Pot Ready Plants, featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the World's Hottest Chillies.

1 x Carolina Reaper
1 x Butch T Scorpion
1 x Bhut Jolokia
heat rating

Sold out for 2016.

Record Breakers Plant Trio 2 £12.95

Chilli Pepper Institute®
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Three Pot Ready Plants, the consistently hottest chillies found by the Chilli Pepper Institute Trials.

1 x Moruga Scorpion
1 x Chocolate Douglah
1 x Red Seven Pot
heat rating

Sold out for 2016.

Pick your Own Plugs & Plants from £2.25

Individual Plugs & Plants
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Select from 36 different varieties of Chilli Plug and Plants. Extreme Chillies, World's Hottest, Chefs and Ornamental.

Everything from the mildest to the wildest varieties. Both Chilli Plants and Chilli Plugs available.
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Sold out for 2016.

World's Hottest Chillies Trio 1 £11.95

Three Hot World Favourites
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Three Pot Ready Plants, some of the World's favourite chillies at the hotter end of the scale. Grown as much for flavour as heat.

1 x Scotch Bonnet
1 x Orange Habanero
1 x Fatalii
heat rating

Sold out for 2016.

World's Hottest Chillies Trio 2 £11.95

Lesser Known Hot Chillies
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Three Pot Ready Plants, all distinctively flavoured and pack quite a punch.
Three ununual plants.

1 x Chocolate Habanero
1 x Jamaican Hot
1 x Paper Lantern
heat rating

Sold out for 2016.

Chefs' Chilli Plants Trio 1 £10.95

Chef's Favourite Chillies
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Three Pot Ready Plants, favourites of chefs around the world. High yielding and easy to grow. Perfect for your kitchen.

1 x Jalapeño (green or purple)
1 x Cayenne
1 x Thai Demon
heat rating

Sold out for 2016.

Chef's Chilli Plants Trio 2 £10.95

Lesser Known Faves
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Three Pot Ready Plants, lesser known favourites of world chefs, all distinctive but versatile flavours.

1 x Seranno
1 x Pequin
1 x Pusa Jwala
heat rating

Sold out for 2016.

Weird & Wonderful Trio 1 £10.95

Weird & Strange Chillies
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Three Pot Ready Plants, some of the world's strangest fruits, these will give you a good crop.

1 x Pimento de Padron
1 xMushroom Red
1 x Rocoto
heat rating

Sold out for 2016.

Ornamental Chillies Trio 1 £10.95

Gorgeous Beautiful Chillies
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Three Pot Ready Plants with beautiful fruits and stunning foliage. And what’s more, they're edible too!

1 x Bolivian Rainbow
1 x Takanotsume
1 x Aji Omnicolour
heat rating

Sold out for 2016.

Super-size Chilli Plugs

World of Chillies is also famed for its super big, super healthy chilli plugs.

Find out more about the range of chilli plugs that we're growing this season...
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Don't just take our word for it...

nice things about our chillies
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Founded by Sarah Hunt in 2008, World of Chillies is an online chilli shop specialising in chilli plants, seeds, gifts, dried chillies and sauces. We are dedicated to the pursuit of everything that is hot and great.

We stock the U.K.'s most extensive range of chilli plugs and plants varieties.

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All plants now sold out for 2016. Pre-order in September for 2017 Season.