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With 58 different varieties of chilli plugs & plants on offer, the choice can be a little daunting. World of Chillies have carefully put together our most popular and interesting varieties into Chilli Plant Trios and Plug Collections, containing 6 plugs.

Buying a collection saves you money because it saves us time and labour in putting together the plugs and plants.
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All sizes are approximate. Please note that annuum varieties tend to be more leggy whilst chinense varieties more stocky.
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Founded by Sarah Hunt in 2008, World of Chillies is an online chilli shop specialising in chilli plants, seeds, gifts, dried chillies and sauces.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of everything that is hot and great.

We stock an extensive range of chilli plugs and plants varieties from around the world. VAT reg 223 1269 42


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