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This month's Chilli Club Newsletter focuses on Chillies and Health. It's hard to ignore the immediate effects of Capsaicin on your body - the intense burning sensation, sweats and release of endorphins, but there has also been some considerable research into its medical effects. Find out more in the main article on Chillies and Health. We've also included a brief diary of UK Chilli Festivals so if you fancy a bit of Hot Downtime this summer, checkout which festival is near you. Chilli of the Month is one of the easiest to grow, the Shipka, AKA the Bulgarian Carrot. We've also rounded up some of the more interesting Chilli Articles in the British press over the last month. We hope you will enjoy this month's Chilli Club newsletter.
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World of Chillies is moving office. We're sorry to say that we will be closed for 4 weeks from 18th July. We're pleased to offer you 20% off any order made by Wednesday eve!


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