Chilli Club. Season of Plenty.

With a glorious summer finally looking like it's coming to an end, it has been a great chilli growing season for many people. Even outdoor chillies have been thriving in the sunshine that we've been missing for the last few years. This month's newsletter has some good tips on how to store your excess pods.

Chilli of the month is now in season, a weird and wonderful Spanish Tapas favourite, Pimiento de Padron. We also have a new range of Fresh Chillies, with a 10% discount for chilli clubbers. As usual, we've rounded up some of the more interesting Chilli Articles in the British press over the last month. We hope you will enjoy this month's Chilli Club newsletter.
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10% Off New Range Fresh Chillies

We're pleased to announce our new range of fresh pods, from mild to wild, including Morouga Scorpions & Bhut Jolokia.

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