Growing Chillies from Seed

Growing chillies from seed can not only provide you with many varieties not commercially available, but you’ll get a lot of enjoyment from watching them grow. If you haven’t already started your chilli growing plan for 2010, it’s about time start thinking! Chilli Club’s February newsletter will help you plan the new chilli year with our Choosing, Sowing and Growing Chillies Guides.

February is the best time to plant long season chillies, such as the seriously hot Chinese varieties, to give you the best chance of a good crop. Although the shorter season chillies, including many annum varieties, can be planted right up to the beginning of April, the earlier you start planning the better your chances at a good crop. You’ll also find you get more enjoyment for longer too!

With over 4,000 varieties of chilli from around the world, choosing which chilli plants to grow can be a bit of a daunting prospect so why not check out World of Chillies guide to choosing chillies first. The articles on sowing and growing chillies will help you through the sometimes tricky early stages of germinating and nurturing seedlings and young chilli plants. Come back in March for the ongoing chilli growing guide! In the meantime, happy sowing!
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how to Grow Chillies

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