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Welcome to the World of Chillies Chilli Club where we will introduce you to some of the world’s most popular, interesting and unusual chillies. You will also find a selection of special offers for chilli gifts, dried chillies and spices or chilli seeds. You can browse past issues of the Chilli Club newsletters here or sign up below to get the current edition emailed to you, including the current Special Offers.
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Hot for Habaneros

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How to Grow Chillies

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Bhut Ghost Chilli

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Thai Tastic

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Chilli and Chocolate

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Chillies of India

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How to Grow Chillies

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Tropical Heat

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Hot Harvest Festival

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World's Hottest Chillies

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Cook Mexican

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Mexican Motherland

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Chillies & Health

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Seed it 'n' Reap

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Season of Plenty

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Peruvian Heat

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Trick and Treat

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Grow it On.

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