Chilli Club. Trick AND Treat!

Welcome back to Chilli club. We hope you've had a successful season growing chillies and are now enjoying the fruits of your harvest. Autumn is well under way and a few chilli warmers are in order. World of Chillies have added 50 new products to our Chilli Shop and, of course, there's a discount for Chilli Clubbers. Why not try them out at your Halloween Bash?

10% Off Chilli Food Products & Gifts

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10% Off Dried Chillies, Spice Mixes, Chilli Snacks, Chilli Sauces, Hot Jams, Jellies & Salsas, Sweet Heat, Hampers & Gift Packs & Chilli Gifts.
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Plants & Plugs 2016

Pre-order your March 16 Plugs and Plants before December and save 10%. We've the best selection of Chilli plants with over 40 varieties from the World's Hottest Chillies to the weirdest & wildest.

Pre-orders dispatch first so get a headstart for the 2016 season!
World of Chillies have been busy expanding the Grow Guide section of our website. Visit for lots of growing tips and problem prevention.

• How to Grow Chillies
• Plant Health Care Plan
• Nutrient Guide
• Chilli Plant Pests
• Chilli Plant Diseases
• Chilli Plant Problems
• Preserving Chillies