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World of Chillies is famed for its super big, super healthy chilli plugs and plants. We grow an excellent range of superhot varieties from the Caribbean, India, USA and Europe. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better range.

All our plugs and plants are started extra early to give you the best chance of a great crop. This is especially important with the superhots as they all have a long growing season. These tropical beauties will need a greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill and a little extra care.
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World of Chillies take great pride in our healthy, happy plants and we always replace if there is a problem in the first couple of weeks.

If your plants don't reach you in tip top condition, or a problem develops in the first couple of weeks, just send us a quick photo. We will try to help and get replacements out to you.

We love our plants and we want you to love them too!

Our Biodegradable Packing Pledge

World of Chillies is committed to reducing the amount of plastics we use in our packaging. It is obviously very important to us that plants arrive in perfect condition so we have spent quite some time researching alternatives to plastic that are secure and and environmentally friendly.

Check with your Chilli Plug and Plant suppliers how much plastic they use to dispatch your plants and encourage them to switch to biodegradable alternatives where possible.

Plug Plant Packaging

Made from 100% Breakdown PET, which is designed to be recycled. Please put the packaging out in your correct recycling bin.

However, huge amounts of recyclable packaging still finds its way into landfill. Breakdown PET has the added advantage that it will break down within a few years instead of hundreds.

This packaging is also produced in the UK which cuts down on carbon emissions from freight.

Packaging is also designed to fit through your letterbox. We stock packaging for 6, 12 and 18 plugs, all of which will fit through your letterbox.
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Plug Outer Packaging

We use two types of Mailer Bags for our Chilli Plugs. Our preferred Bags are made from 100% Potato Starch. However, these are available in only one size which does not fit all our plug containers. The second Mailer Bag we stock is still 100% Biodegradable, made from Virgin Polymer with a biodegradable additive.
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Documents Enclosed Wallets

We have switched to biodegradable documents wallets; they might seem like a very small item but over the course of a year, they can really add up!
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Plant Packaging

Our plant packaging is made from 100% recycled PET and is also fully recyclable, so please dispose of in your recycling bins.

We are still teaching for fully biodegradable options but they don't seem to be available just yet.
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Outer Plant Packaging

We use single wall cardboard boxes for the outer packaging of our plants, which is of course fully biodegradable.

Where possible we reuse boxes that have been sent to us.
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Outer Seed Packaging

We have stopped using jiffy bubblewrap padded envelopes and switched to strong, cardboard envelopes. These do not contain any plastics and are fully biodegradable.
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More changes to come…

We pledge to continue to find ways to reduce our plastic packaging and reduce our carbon footprint. Like you, we care about the environment and the long term impact of our business.

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Super-size Chilli Plugs & Plants

World of Chillies is famed for its super big, super healthy chilli plugs & plants. They are started extra early to give you the best chance of a large crop of juicy hot pods. All large, green and very healthy. All plugs and plants are sent out with a chilli plant care sheet with step by step instructions for growing on.

Find out more about the range of chilli plugs that we're growing this season...
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potting on chilli plants

Potting on Your Chilli Plants

Your chilli plants will arrive ready to be transplanted into their final pots. Most chillies are best suited to a 12-15 litre pot but be a bit flexible here for giants or dwarf varieties. Use a free draining compost mix to fill the pot, make a hole and pop in the plant. If you have an ordinary compost, mix with a little grit or sand. Firm down and give a good watering.

growing on chilli plants

By this stage an unheated greenhouse should suffice. This is obviously dependent on the weather. Chillies don’t like the cold and shouldn’t be left unprotected if the temperature is going to go down below 10oC. If you are quick off the mark and have your chillies arriving in March, keep indoors or in a heated greenhouse until the risk of frost has passed.

Chilli plants do not like sitting in wet soil, so keep it moist but not over-wet. Feed with a seaweed feed or dedicated chilli feed at the suggested rate. Keep an eye out for any pests or problems. These are best dealt with early on. Prevention is obviously better than cure, so keep plants well spaced and well ventilated. Remove any dead leaves or rotting plant material.

In the summer months, hardier chillies can be placed outside in a sheltered spot or on a warm patio. Acclimatize them slowly, bringing them in at night for the first week or whenever the temperature threatens to drop. Chinense varieties prefer the shelter of a greenhouse and will not flourish outside. Use a cane to support the plants as they grow if necessary.

encouraging fruit

Your chilli plants will produce chillies on each of their sidestems so the more sidestems you have, the more fruit your plant will produce. You can encourage sidestems by placing plants temporarily onto their side causing them to try to grow upright by throwing out a number of sidestems.

Chillies can be pollinated by bees but failing that, they are also self-pollinating, so a gentle shake of flowers will help ensure that they set. Once your chillies start to flower, switch to a high potassium feed such as a tomato feed.

If you want a bumper crop of pods, feed at the suggested rate. However if you want to get really hot chillies, you need to stress your plants. Feed at half the suggested rate and keep letting your plants dry out, watering them only small amounts as they start to wilt. This will get you a smaller crop of superhot pods.

World of Chillies wishes you success with your chilli plants and hopes that you will enjoy growing and consuming them as much as we do!
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